Tuesday, December 23, 2014

4-Egg Spinach French Omelet for Two with Coconut Oil

3 Tb Nature's Approved® Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil* (see note re: Apricot Oil substitute)
4 eggs, brown or white (free-range, organic)
2 Tb water
2-3 cups fresh organic spinach
½ tsp black pepper, ground
½ tsp cayenne pepper, ground
Salt, to taste
(Makes 2 servings)
Beat eggs, water, (salt), black pepper and cayenne pepper. (Adding water makes the omelet light and fluffy, hence the ‘french’ part). In a large frying pan, cook 2-3 Cups Spinach until wilted (or more, if you are a real ‘Popeye’) with 2 Tb of Nature's Approved® Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Then add into the beaten eggs. In the same large frying pan, add a dab of coconut oil or butter (to prevent the omelet from sticking) and heat pan. Pour whole mixture into pan and cook over medium heat for few minutes with lid off, then for a few minutes with lid on to ensure the top of eggs are cooked.  Remove from pan when lighted cooked. Check with spatula for doneness. 
This omelet is a great, healthy way to start your day with protein and solid energy!  Get your greens and coconut oil in first thing!

*Option: Substitute 5-6 Tb Nature's Approved®Apricot Kernel Oil instead of Coconut Oil, for a fresh taste! Don't let it get too hot thought as it has a low smoke point (unlike Coconut Oil) Nature's Approved®Apricot Kernel Oil is cold expeller pressed from the apricot tree fruit Prunus Armeniaca. This pale, yellow oil has an appealingly smooth, nutty aroma and flavor.

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